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 Denis Pelych

Denis Pelych, Principal - Viretec Consulting


Viretec Consulting was established in 2006, and are located in Coventry, with 2 full time staff and 3 Associates. They specialise in Business Transformation Consultancy to public sector projects and organisations.   Viretec is one of a new breed of management consultancies, taking a transformational approach to exploiting IT and the internet.


Situation prior to Certification

Prior to gaining the Accredit UK Standard Viretec Consulting had demonstrated their commitment to quality by ensuring key staff were Certified Management Consultants, but as a company, we did not have any formal quality  accreditations.


Reason for applying

Primarily to support Tender applications and gain commercial advantage against competitors with an industry specific certification, but also to evaluate the company’s systems against best practice as a platform for growth.


Outcomes of assessment

Certification to the Accredit UK Standard has already enabled Viretec Consulting to win important new public sector contracts.


A Joint Approach to Improvement

Viretec Consulting found that using the Accredit UK Self Assessment materials to conduct a gap analysis allowed them to confirm where they were managing the business well and delivering exceptional services. More importantly, it helped identify areas where they could improve, notably in producing tenders and tightening our controls over the use of Associate Consultants.

“When we started out, we applied best practice from top consultancy firm experiences, where we thought it appropriate. The Accredit UK assessment identified areas where we had allowed ourselves a little too much flexibility”

Throughout the process the Accredit UK Assessor was able to assist by providing an objective view of current practices and performance, and advice and guidance on the appropriate use of best practice.

The benefits realised from the certification visit and Action Plan were increased self-awareness, clear focus on issues that needed attention and help in the best way of developing business operations.

“The most significant benefit was winning a new public sector contract where the Accredit UK standard was specified as a requirement.”



  • Raised our profile
  • Better quality control
  • Improved company credibility
  • Differentiated from larger competition
Recent Specific Wins

Business won

  • Transformational ICT consultancy services to the SME sector for a national public sectororganisation.
  • Business Transformation assignments via a specialist council transformation consultancy.

Tenders pre-qualified for:-

  • CRM-based business transformation and change management for a national public sector learning organisation – in collaboration with another Accredit UK certified IT consultancy
  • IT consultancy services to the SME sector for a regional public sector support programme


Viretec Consulting

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